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The Diner:

Is a short, experimental, atmospheric indie horror-game. Using the Godot Engine 4.0's newest rendering and performance techniques.

This project started as a small prototype, for testing Godot 4's new graphics capabilities, but as time went on, it slowly became a full-on, short, interactive horror experience.

There are tons of interactable objects and items in this game. Can you find 'em all?

Average playtime: Ranges from 5-15 minutes.



You play as Holly, a peppy college student in her early 20's. She gets a call from one of her long-time high-school friends; Siarra. 

They haven't seen each other in person for quite some time now, so Siarra wanted to meet up with Holly at a local diner in their area, to hang out, chat, and catch up.

Upon arrival, Holly is greeted with a completely barren and slightly overrun abandoned diner. Scared yet curious to figure out where Siarra went, she investigates this strange phenomenon.


Game Features:

  • A short, spooky horror experience.
  • Tons of interactable objects, accompanied with dialog and events.
  • Strong sound design.
  • Ambient music.
  • A rich atmosphere, complete with volumetric fog, global illumination, and more!



  • WASD to walk
  • Shift to run
  • E/LMB to interact
  • RMB to zoom
  • F to use flashlight





All credit has been given to the proper individuals for all free-to-use, CC0 licensed assets, such as models, textures, shaders, and music.

This game is in no way associated with the recently released 'Ronald McDonald' horror game. As it uses the same map asset, but has been in development before the release of that game.

Updated 14 days ago
Published 19 days ago
Release date 19 days ago
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorD. Zenith
Made withGodot, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Godot, PSX (PlayStation), Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Fantastic atmosphere and a great short story! The environment design with the fog was really good! Jumpscare got me pretty good too lol this was the second game in the video

I noticed you used some of the same assets of another game i played and i was blown away with how much you changed the vibe of the game you made the setting way more scary. the game was pretty fun the ending got me really good i have no complaints game ran fine and graphics were good. 8/10 from me cant wai tot see what you do next! ~Wang

I hope they make me into chicken nuggets

Very atmospheric and straightforward horror game. I liked the ability to interact with most things and the jumpscare was super well done as well. Nice ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

I have no idea what the heck monster that was but it looked really cool . Very cool game and the ending did get me . Your game is third and starts at 13:18


Thought it was worth saying for other content creators. The outro song is copyrighted. so if you wanna avoid demonetization or apparently being blocked in Russia, don't use the outro.


This game was FIRE!! I totally underestimated it, but I'm happy I tried it out! Good job dev :)


Yoo this video was heat. Love the editing style. Thank you for playing!




Amazing Horror game


Interesting game.


I played this right after Deppart and I didn't expect to almost piss myself on the scares here LOL. Very nice short game you've made! good scary sounds and I liked the look too!

Such a fun little game, it's suspenseful, it's got good scares, good sound design, good story behind it. Very well made.


Enjoyable game! It has a Really good job scare in it. Sorry I compared the diner design to Ronald McDonalds I didn't read the disclaimer until after the video was already filmed. Great game though!


My heart's still racing! Sidenote: Anyone else get a copyright claim for the end credits song?


that jumpscare really got me. Starts at 11:34


Uploaded me playing this game, as well as a couple other short games I found on this site, and was really happy for these 3 being my first 3 picks to play. Great Job to the dev, very good for a short horror game! Hope you continue to make games and doin what you love!


I ended up the monster's order at the diner! Also this a good spook with the nicely put together atmosphere and spookyness! :)


This game was scary and funny at the same time. I loved it. The fact that you could interact with almost everything was very entertaining and the story was pretty good too. Thank you for the awesome game!

Here's my playthrough if you'd like to watch:


Entertaining watch, the reactions were priceless! Thank you for playing!



awesomeee a version 1.0.2 thanks uhm hey thanks for releasing a new version but please make sure to get plenty of rest making these types of games are tough and really hard you can make it when you feel rested or calm don't rush yourself just to make this we can wait even me ^^ we"ll support you either way also sorry im late to this also can't wait to play this game thanks a bunch 


I really liked this game i thought it was cool!:) 


nice short creepy horror game! I wanted more donuts though! 


I just wanted the donut in this 2 scary game video

Very interesting watch. Thank you for playing!


Nice game

(1 edit) (+1)

That was a great game, I understand it takes time and effort, but ofcourse it would be great with more endings or something, I understand it's supposed to be short, but it could be a bit longer with maybe like 2 more little endings. Besides all that, this is my favorite style of games and I loved it! :)

the game is the second game in the video down below;

Great feedback, and a nice video. Thank you for playing!


Pretty good, great atmosphere. I kinda wish it had a few different endings, but otherwise it was pretty well made.

I hear you, I appreciate it my friend!


The Last Song in this game is copyrighted 3/5 from 4/5.

Hey there, the song used is public domain, which is stated at the start of the game. You shouldn't run into any trouble with that on YouTube. Thank you for playing though!

Yes, I saw the public domain but YouTube detected it as copyrighted so I removed it. 


Thanks for the game had fun :)

I thought ambience in general was great! And those eyes were pretty unsettling.

Happy to scare!





Good game, nice work !

Full Play No Commentary


I played this game live It was super fun! watch and see how crazy my jumpscare was!

Yoo let's go brother. This was dope to watch. Thank you!


This was a lot of fun, atmosphere was great. I wanted to explore more of it and jump scare got me.

Very fun watch, loved the reactions! Thank you so much!! <3


Make more!!! <3


Comments below clip:

Something was off. Something was wrong. I knew it before I entered the place. The diner from hell did live up to its reputation, and hell it was. I tried to run back to the car, but the game wouldn't let me, so.. what happened next...?

Watch or play the game to find out.

I didn't run into any bugs, hiccups or snags. Kudos to all involved.

This was wholesome to watch hahaha. Thank you for playin'!


Your welcome.


Great game and nice atmosphere. The eyes on the wall and the ending scared me pretty well

Happy to scare! :)


It wasn't the best game in existence, but it definitely wasn't bad. I enjoyed the experience.

You should probably include a controls screen somewhere. I didn't know I had access to a flashlight until i had finished the game and went back to this page. Yes, I know this is my fault, and the problem would have been solved by not being dumb.

I appreciate the honesty. Never strived for it to be GOTY, but I'm glad it's still enjoyable regardless.

As for the controls part, yeah. I can agree with you on that. You're not the first and certainly not the last who has had that issue.

Though I would appreciate it if people actually read game details before playing to avoid situations like this hahaha.

Still though, you're not dumb, it's a slight oversight on my end as well. Thanks for playing!


It is one of the best action and adventure games I have tried, congratulations, I want you to subscribe to my channel and support me, greetings friend!!


That was short and sweet :)

Gameplay is in german

Oooh very interesting video! I understood most of what you said, guess German classes came in handy in the end haha.

Thank you for playing!


Its a very well made game, i love it.

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